Someone really needs to give me the low-down on the split-screen action! It really bugs me that so few reviews make any mention of this feature. Most people have a pretty large screen by now and there's no need for a multitap. And mocking your friends feels sooo much better when it's done in person. » 2/16/12 10:26am 2/16/12 10:26am

It's kinda nice, isn't it? I feel like I can totally laugh without feeling bad. I'm kinda imagining a Homer choking Bart going why you little..! scene. Which is pleasant, after reading about the guy who repeatedly stabbed his mom for Avril Lavigne tickets earlier today. » 9/30/11 4:30pm 9/30/11 4:30pm

I found this post pretty damn interesting, because I've been thinking about this kinda stuff myself a bit lately, my "fashion sense", that is, and where the inspiration comes from. Anyways, for a few years I'd dye my hair blond, and sport a somewhat emo hairdo, but more in the style of Cloud Strife, spiky, rather than… » 9/28/11 1:29pm 9/28/11 1:29pm

I played a hentai game called True Love in my teens. I enjoyed every second of it, though some more than others. Playing it now, at 24, probably wouldn't be quite the same. Unless if you practice abstinence for like a month, maybe. » 4/20/11 1:49pm 4/20/11 1:49pm

Does size/weight have anything to do with it though? Would it be okay if he was smaller? Maybe that wasn't what you actually meant but... I'm curious, whether some people go around with that idea, that some harassment is okay, given the right circumstances... » 3/17/11 1:39pm 3/17/11 1:39pm

@Praetor: I agree about the themes in the stories, and the age of gamers. I was thinking just today that... While Final Fantasy games may keep selling, they don't seem to have the same impact on people. Maybe it's because people keep buying the games, hoping to get that FF VII-IX feel again, because it was such a… » 1/25/11 2:33pm 1/25/11 2:33pm